Went to GenCon this weekend. Had myself my first Homestuck cosplays out this weekend. I was just going to be Vriska, but Rose kinda just… appeared too.

I have a bunch of other photos from the shoot, but I’m tired, and I’ll post em later.

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    OMG YOU WERE THAT ROSE ASDFGHJKL I saw you from afar a couple of times when I was running places to catch up with my...
  6. drakered said: I think that I’m going to have to watch this Homestuck all the Otaku are talking about. ;)
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    Hehe, I can only recognize myself by cleavage. ::::D
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    Oh hey, I’m the Aradia from the Corpse Party.
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  14. querulousartisan said: Oh wow! You make a really amazing Vriska, and an amazing Rose!
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